Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Redcoats on the Red Planet - Part 1

I've always been a fan of 'classic' science fiction. Jules Verne, HG Wells etc, and that includes some of the late 19thC fiction about various invasions of England by the countries of the near continent. About two years ago I was attracted by the then brand new range of figures being offered by Black Hat for their Martian Empires game.

This sort of merged with the club adaptions of the POW rules for Colonial battles (basically using 40mm frontage bases and an increased ground scale) and started a thing. I invested in some Tribal Martians, re-based some red-coated Brits and took a small game down one Friday night.

The first game went OK, but the Brits got massacred by a combination of aerials and giants supported by some Prussian Colonial Sturmtroops, but a small seed had been planted and over the next few months we had a handful of games, with Tim producing ever growing numbers of Cephlapods and War Machines.

By October 2007 we decided the rules modifications we had produced were viable and balanced so we decided to take 'Redcoats on The Red Planet' as a demonstration game to some of the wargame shows in the south of England. In February we went to Cavalier in Tonbridge, in May to Campaign in Milton Keynes and in June to Valhalla in Farnborough. Despite ripping of his figures to use with another game system, Mike at Black Hat was impressed, and we went on to do the same demo at Warfare in Reading in June.

That was supposed to be it's last outing, but at Warfare we were approached by a couple of the organisers of Salute and asked if we would like to take it to their next event.

We said yes, and began work on some extra bits for March.

Watch out for updates ...

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  1. Hi, I see the wargame in the last Salute 09, its a very interesting game, where i can buy it?
    (Sorry for my english xD)