Monday, 9 March 2009

March 6th FOG Persians vs Alexander

We started out with about 750 points per side. I commanded the Persian right with our best commander, a unit of Horse archers, a unit of light horse, a unit of armoured horse and a unit of light Archers. Our centre was the traditional Persian infantry and on our left we had a mix of cavalry and infantry. The pic on the right shows my horse archers trying to bother the Alexandrian cavalry.

Facing me was Alexander, 2 units of crack cavalry, one of good infantry and some light archers. I decided the best thing I could do was keep Alexander busy and hope the centre/left could do some damage. All I can say is I tried ....

This is the Macedonian centre. All those pointed sticks ....

This is ours. The scythed chariots did as much as you might expect.

This is about my high water mark. My light cavalry are charging an enemy flank after chasing off the archers, my horse archers are regrouping out of shot, Alexander is bravely running down my foot archers ping away at the enemy cavalry and my AC has charged home. In this photo my commander is behind his armoured cavalry but he did join the front rank before the evening ended.

I did the best I could, dragging Alexander off aim chasing foot archers, but my supporting toops couldn't stand. The Phalanx charged home and by the time I had to leave we were in some disarray.

This game left me asking questions such as how does a Persian army defeat Alexander ?

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