Saturday, 14 February 2009

Friday 13th February 2009

This week we played Field Of Glory with Tony's 15mm War of the Roses figures.

Taking the battle of Mortimer's Cross as our model, I commanded the Yorkist left with 3 units of archers and one of Halberd armed foot. Glen commanded the Yorkist right with 2 archers and two foot. The Lancastrians had 3 commands, with Chris opposite me and Tim on the left with a large body of Welsh. They shared command of the Lancastrian centre.

We opened slowly, the Lancastrians advancing steadily, the Yorkists doing a bit of last minute adjustment. The initial exchanges of archery favoured the Yorkists with Lancastrian units becoming disordered. On the left flank I took the chance and charged one of my archer units forward. My archers were duly thumped, driven back and eventually broke, causing their supporting unit of Heavy foot to become shaken. The photo show the position on the left at this point.

Since his shooting was failing, Chris passed one of his heavy units through his archers but was disordered by archery.

Chris archers pursued my broken unit, but ran into my heavy foot who even shaken, were more than a match for them and they broke. To try to remedy matters, Chris moved his other unit of Heavy foot into a semi flanking position, but again archery stopped him in his tracks.

The centre followed a similar pattern. The Lancastrian archers were routed off by fire, so the Yorkists wheeled out to allow the central heavy foot unit to advance into the now disordered speamen behind them. Our now fired into the flanks of the enemy units on their right and left.

The Lancastrian left was very slow getting into position. The crossbows held back while the welsh light troops manuvered into the woods to get round the Yorkist right. Unfortunately by the time this was accomplished, their centre had been shattered and they were now under fire from the Yorkist archers who had done so much damage in the centre.

At this point the Lancastrian had 6 broken battlegroups out of an army of 12 and the Yorkists 1 out of 8 and we decided the day had gone to the Yorkists.

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