Friday, 20 July 2007

PoW Napoleonic French/Russian

Photo's from a club game last year using POW rules.

6mm Russians versus French.
The photo's are from very early in the game, the bulk of the French forces were committed to their right flank with holding forces in the Centre and left.

Shortly after the photo's were taken the Russian cavalry was committed towhat we all expected to be its death ride on the Russian left flank, thanks to some good manouvre dice and the timely intervention by the Russian infantry it successfully cleared the flank of any effective French forces.

Leaving the Russian infantry to clear up the remaining French units it then proceeded to ride around the French Army scattering the French cavalry before it in the process, by the end of the battle it arrived on the Russian left flank to block the retreat of the French infantry which had spent the entire battle locked in close combat with the Russians.

On the left flank the French infantry had opted for a close assault on the Russian forces defending the hill, while there had been some local successes the Russian reserves had been able to plug any gaps, and in some instances inflicted serious damage, so by the time the cavalry had arrived the French infantry was already withdrawing followed by a battered but still dangerous Russian infantry force.

All in all not a good night for the French, and most unusually the accolades for the game going to the Russian cavalry which was largely responsible for destroying on French brigade, assisting in the destruction of a second, pulling a third out of position allowing the destruction of several elements of the French grand battery, and finally being in position (with enough strength left) to make the successful retreat of a fourth brigade unlikely.

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